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How can i earn bitcoins?

Bitcoins are the new money of this century. And we were thinking about how can we give people a chance to earn money. When we started with bitcoin saw we things and we did research and started a company. BitcoinShares was born!

But you want to know how you can earn Bitcoins? You are here on the good address. First make an account. When you get there. We will say Welcome! But if you want to earn Bitcoins you need to buy shares.

How can i buy shares? First you make sure you deposit a minimum of 0.001 Bitcoins. When you have a minimum of 0.001 bitcoins you can buy shares in the shop.


Google Shares

Daily income

9975 Shares available

Price: 0.001 BTC

BS Shares

Daily income

9280 Shares available

Price: 0.001 BTC

Oil Shares

Daily income

9915 Shares available

Price: 0.001 BTC


1. Is the system safe?

- Yes, all data are SSL-encrypted. And we have a DDOS protection.

2. How can i buy shares?

- First you need an account or login.

- When you have an account you can deposit.

- If you have deposit some BTC, you can buy shares in the shop.

3. How can i make an account?

- Click on the navigation bar on "Sign up". There can you make an account.

4. How can i deposit bitcoins?

- If you logged in you click on you user name. The navigation bar will now change. And you see there deposit.

5. What is the minimum to deposit?

- The minimum for a deposit is 0.0005 BTC.

6. How much bitcoins can i earn?

- When you start investing the profit will every time growing. There is no maximum for the profit.

Do you have another question? Please contact us below.


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